A Pair of Pillows

I planned and finished a pair of pillows in a week! That is quite an accomplishment for me. It was very fun too. I used Crazy Mom Quilts’ pillow tutorial. It was easy to understand. I love those step by step tutorials. Perfect for me.



Just like in her tutorial, Amanda advises to quilt it with a batting behind it. I did and I am very happy with it.


My pictures look better taken outside but the pillows are for inside. They will go in the chairs that are right in front of the wood stove. Even though it is 70 outside right now (in Maine!) and the grass is really green still, it will get cold in a matter of weeks. I am getting ready the only way I know how. Sew!

Happy Sewing!

I am joining Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts today.



Education Journey

I don’t talk a lot about what my kiddos are doing for school or learning here. It certainly doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. Boy is it happening. Right now as I type the two girls are out in their tee-pee they made out of branches, plastic, blankets and twine. Very rough and simple but fun for them and they like it. They are cooking their own home made naan over a fire they started on their own. They brought me a taste of the bread. It is very good. Yesterday they did almost the same thing only they made tea and bread on a stick.


Of course earlier today we were driving into town to drop off one of my daughters to the Jr. High for her 45 minute strings class. My other daughter and I went for a walk and then sat in the car listening to an audio CD. I also read books to her but this is what she wanted to do and I am happy to sit, listen, and knit!

We do a variety of things. I read a book out loud to the both of them every day. I don’t have to make a big deal about ‘discussing’ the story because it happens all on its own. All my kids have always asked questions and voiced their opinion about what they think about without any prompting. Now getting them to write it down? That is a whole other subject. No pun intended! Writing is not a top priority for kids, at least not mine. Of course they know how to write and they do write things. They write stories, newspapers, cookbooks, and letters. They also type. They have blogs and they recently learned to do Google slides. They write when they want to and about what they want. So I don’t complain.

We don’t have a ‘school’ day. We do have a routine of sorts. I wouldn’t be able to function without one. In the afternoon we set aside two to three hours of time that we do things together. Some days that is a field trip. Sometimes it is working on a subject that they have picked to learn about. We are working in the Geography coloring books and learning about the continents and countries. They also wanted to learn about biology spurred by the introduction of the microscope last year. I found a really nice Biology curriculum that didn’t break the bank and is full of lots of hands on activities. We have all been having fun with that. Sometimes we go for a walk in the woods together. Sometimes we watch a movie! We don’t usually do the same thing each day. Variety is a good thing when you are learning, I think.




Freedom is another important thing. I don’t insist on much. I ask them what they want to learn. Luckily they always have such good ideas. Sometimes what they pick works out great and there is interest and fun and we learn a lot. Sometimes things they pick sounded fun but ended up not being what they thought. It is okay to stop doing something. Not everything works out. They know there isn’t a whole lot I insist on. Mostly what they do are things they have thought of or things I have suggested and they also thought it sounded neat.

They both do math. One prefers doing problems out of a book with help from me when needed. The other likes to use a CD math course called Teaching Textbooks. It gives one problem at a time and is great at teaching and explaining. They do math almost every day. Math (and Reading) things I have always insisted on. Luckily I didn’t have to ‘teach’ my kids to read. It kinda just happened because they wanted to learn it so badly. Knowing how to read and do arithmetic will help with learning everything else. And much of it can be learned independently.


When the kids were younger we did a lot more reading together. We did a lot of crafts and art. They are a older now and the things we learn together are more challenging. We play games, do experiments, go on trips. It is different. So much easier than when they were little. Some of the things I miss, like cuddling on the couch after stories or cooking together. Those things happen, but not as often. They are much more independent. Just recently I was sewing and they both joined me downstairs and needle felted the night away. We weren’t doing a ‘project’ together but we were ‘together’. It was nice.


So that is a little bit about our journey in education. Life really. How about you? How do you learn with your family?


Monday’s Menu


Autumn is here and I love it. Of course you have heard me say that already and probably are sick of hearing it. I am really enjoying it though and trying to savor it. Walking through the woods is so nice with the fresh crisp air. The girls and I went into our own woods recently and of course I didn’t bring my phone or camera so missed the chance to share with you in pictures what we saw. I will try and describe it though. We heard Grackles up in the trees. Many of them. They were jumping/flying from tree to tree. There must have been hundreds of them. They were making so much noise. Honestly, what came to mind was the movie ‘The Birds’.  I wasn’t scared though. It was amazing. By the time we were back to our house they had moved on. So glad to have been in the woods to see them.

Lots of leaves are turning now. I have been in the mood for soup! How about you? Well this week we are having one. I can’t decide which to have though. I have both beets and leeks in the garden to use. I could use a Beef soup bone I have and make a Beef, beet Borscht or I could make a Potato Leek soup that everyone loves. I think I will put them both on the menu and decide when the time comes! Or maybe you could help me decide. What do you think would be good?

Here is our menu for this week.

Monday:  Pizza

Tuesday: Beef, Beet Borscht or Potato Leek soup

Wednesday: Baked Pasta and sauce

Thursday: Broiled boneless Chicken with rice and veggie

Friday:  Beef Roast

Saturday: Chili and bread

Sunday: Chicken ala King Home made

Have a great week!

Slowing Down

The pace of our days seem to be slowing down. It is a natural thing I suppose to slow down this time of year. I am not visiting my garden as often these days. Yes there are things out there still growing but it is a slow growth. The sun is lower in the sky and doesn’t penetrate through all the leaves that are still on the trees. It rises later and sets sooner. Once the leaves are gone the sun will be brighter here but by then the frost would have done its job. I will get out to the garden and put the hoops out soon, but not yet. The chickens are gone so that chore has been eliminated. The wood is all stacked. There are a few leaves starting to change and redden nicely. We have had a few little fires here to warm it up from a morning chill. So cozy, I couldn’t resist.


The girls are reading more.  We have spent nice days out on a blanket coloring our maps.  I am knitting more and finding lots of time at night to sew while the rest of the house listens to the Red Sox. I made a soup. Roasted a chicken. There is just a nice, slow, cozy feel to things right now. I hope it lasts a long while.



I am hoping you are finding some time to slow down and get cozy as well!



Monday’s Menu – Picking Season

Hello, hope your weekend was wonderful. We spent most of our weekend walking around the Common Ground Fair here in Maine. As always it was fun. The girls made spoons and wet felted trivets. We saw friends, ate great food, saw animals and of course fiber!

My husband took the girls apple picking. Didn’t get anywhere near what we will need for processing but it is a start. I will go back and get more apples for sauce, dried rings, and pie! I got a bag of pears at the farmer’s market last week. They are so pretty, tasty and juicy.



Here is this week’s menu:

Monday:  Shaved veggies and rice noodles

Tuesday: Chicken Enchiladas

Wednesday: Beans and rice

Thursday: Pasta with shrimp and white sauce

Friday:  Pork Tenderloin

Saturday: Out

Sunday: Out

Have a great week!


Friends With Liberty Quilt Top

Wow, it has been a long while since I had a finish, but today I do! I finished my Friends With Liberty quilt top.


My daughter who is almost 10 said ‘It is a simple quilt, but it is pretty’. Well she is right. It wasn’t a very hard quilt to make. It is pretty simple. I wanted to use some Liberty that I had from a club I joined. I love sewing with the Liberty. Very soft and light. Almost like silk.


I will probably quilt this myself. I don’t actually quilt much. I piece. I like to piece. I don’t so much like to quilt. There are squares in this quilt in between all the stars. They are made up of four different colors. I wonder how to make those squares pretty with quilting? Do you have any ideas for me?


See what I mean. Kind of plain right now. All I can think of right now is just a big X. I really don’t think that would make it pretty though.

Pretty happy about finishing the top though. Thanks for looking, and please offer up any suggestions for the quilting.

I am joining in with Amanda for Finish it up Friday!



Putting Food Up

I have been quite busy harvesting lots from the garden. I find the lengthening of seasons a challenge in some ways but as far as the garden goes I guess it is a good thing. I am getting greens galore now. Spinach, lettuce, kale, and chard. I still have tomatoes and some peppers too. Turnips are still coming as are the late radishes I planted. The only thing missing for a salad is a cucumber. Mine didn’t do well and usually by mid-September they are on their way out anyway.

Right now I have lots of tomatoes and green and wax beans. Still harvesting every other, if not every day. I harvested some beets as well. I did buy a bag at the farmer’s market too. My late beets are not quite ready yet. We will look forward to them when the weather gets cooler.



Dilly beans and pickled beets were cooling on the counter recently.  My husband was busy a couple of nights last week with his salsa.  He made two batches. It has been a great tomato year.




He cans some that are a ‘mild’ and then some that are ‘hot’. He cans the mild first then adds the hot peppers for the hot batch.


There are enough dilly beans now so I froze the rest of the beans. From here on out I will freeze them in bags that have just enough for a meal. I trim the ends, blanch in boiling water for 3 minutes and immediately place in ice water. Then I let the beans drain and dry a bit then bag up. Perfect for a quick veggie. I do the same thing with broccoli. Hopefully I end up with enough to freeze. I also freeze tomato sauce. I broil tomatoes, garlic cloves, onions, and basil together on a baking sheet. When the garlic is soft I take the sheet out and transfer all to a bowl. I stir and then spoon into mason jars. Then I cool them and place in the freezer. Just remember to not fill all the way and also when the jars are in the freezer keep the caps off. I have broke jars by filling, and covering. Everything expands when frozen.



Canning and freezing are definitely a process, no pun intended, but it is so worth it to not waste all those healthy, fresh veggies out of the garden. You don’t even have to have your own garden. Just visit a local farmers market and buy more than you need and can or freeze it for the winter. It feels so good to eat fresh, farm or garden veggies in the middle of the winter.

Enjoy your day!


Monday’s Menu & Happy Birthday to Me!

Yup, today is my birthday. We celebrated last night. My husband picked up an ice cream cake from our favorite ice cream shop. It was delicious! The night before he took me out to eat, just him and I. Lovely. I got some sweet things from my daughters and a pair of slippers from my husband. It was simple, quiet and beautiful. Just the way I love it.



We still have to go about our day though so here is the menu for the week.

Monday:  Pork leftovers with cabbage and onions and broccoli

Tuesday: Whole Chicken, rice, and grilled cauliflower

Wednesday: Spaghetti with meat sauce

Thursday: Chef salad with leftover chicken

Friday:  Steak fajitas

Saturday: Pork chops, sweet potatoes, onions, and green beans

Sunday: Hamburgers with homemade buns

A Hat for Me

I made a hat for myself. I don’t usually wear hats. My hair type is not really good for hats. I found a pattern specifically for curly, unruly hair. It is called ‘Bad Hair Day’ and I found it on Ravelry. I love how it came out. I cannot guarantee my hair will still look good after wearing it but I do like it and will probably wear it when I really need a hat.


I used some yarn from Yarnia website. I was able to choose the colors and types of yarn. I love the colors.


I am not very good at taking selfie’s. No, not good at all. I should have asked someone else to take the picture.  In this picture I have my hair down.


And this one I stuffed my hair up inside the hat. I like both looks. I have quite a lot of yarn left over so I am thinking about making some fingerless gloves. Then I would match!

Happy Knitting


Monday’s Menu

It was a good thing I made bread early in the week because it got hot here again. And humid. Today is a wonderfully crisp day and I am going to make a beef roast in the crock pot with home made cream of mushroom soup. We were supposed to have this meal on Sunday but the girls and my husband went to Portland with friends for a little outing. I was home. Alone. Yes, alone. That doesn’t happen much. It was very nice. I cleaned the house and had some quiet time.

Other than canning I have not really been baking much. Too hot I guess. Good time for watermelon dessert. Better for us too.


Here is the menu for this week.

Monday: Beef roast in cream of mushroom soup with brown rice and green beans

Tuesday: Open faced sandwiches using left over beef with summer squash and zucchini

Wednesday: Ziti and sauce from the freezer

Thursday: German Pancake

Friday:  Home made chicken nuggets, and salad

Saturday: Stir fry and rice or pasta

Sunday: Pork Roast with mashed potatoes, carrots and applesauce

Have a wonderful week!


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